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Why SEO is important

Did you know that there are 3.5 billion searches performed every day on Google? That means that no matter your line of work, people are searching for your business online.

The above is true even if you’re a teeny tiny business. only a handful of ~4.1m businesses are even visible. The rest are tucked away in the safest spot for hiding a dead body—the second page of Google, and beyond.

5 reasons you need SEO to survive and thrive

How can SEO grow your business? With so many different strategies you can utilize to make your business succeed, taking time to make a connection between your SEO and business strategies may seem like too much effort for minimal quick gains. However, before you rule out SEO as a viable approach, make sure you understand just what you will miss out on in the long run.

SEO Helps Your Business With Visibility And Branding

Utilizing SEO helps you gain more visibility and strengthen your branding. Because intense competition characterizes modern markets, you need to find ways to get noticed by potential customers. Visibility is one of the most important benefits of SEO because it affects the buying process.

Most prospects will not give up after just one quick search (although there are those who just like to post their questions on Facebook wall and let others do all the work), but depending on what they learned from search results, they refine their search query and Google mercilessly until they find what they are looking for.

SEO Gives You Insight

When visitors land on your website, they leave tracks in your server logs that give you clues about their behaviour. Using tools such as Google Analytics that can help you understand your site’s performance. Utilizing data from such tools brings you closer to answering the question: “How can SEO grow your business?”

SEO helps you understand your audience by giving you information about the demographics of your visitors. If you discover that you’re reaching the wrong types of people, you can tweak your content strategy to compensate.

SEO Helps You Take Advantage Of Major Shifts And Trends

How can SEO grow your business as technology evolves? By leveraging the benefits of SEO, you have a chance to make your online content conform to emerging trends. For instance, SEO can help you profit from the dominance of mobile devices.

In the mobile world, virtual assistants such as Siri and Google Now have transformed the way people search the internet. Rather than tapping questions on a screen, people now speak their queries. Meanwhile, smart technologies such as Google Home and Alexa have taken control of many household tasks. They also provide on-demand search. Adapting to these new types of tech devices will help you gain an edge over your competitors.

SEO Helps You Earn Trust And Credibility

As time passes, more people become familiar with data breaches and scams. Nobody wants to become the next victim. Consequently, shoppers are cautious about spending their money. Even generating leads has become difficult as internet users become stingy with their personal information and email addresses.

Your brand’s trust and safety are at the mercy of how users perceive your page rank. Your SEO and business goals should converge to elevate your page rank to make people feel more comfortable with your brand.

SEO Grows Your Business Through Increased Traffic

All the benefits of SEO will mean nothing if you fail to engage your audience. Begin connecting your SEO and business initiatives by developing a content strategy that supplies value to your prospective customers.

Rather than infusing keywords into sales pitches, include them in articles that address the real-life problems of your readers. And make sure to engage through visuals too. Many people prefer to learn visually. With this in mind, consider producing product demonstration videos and tutorials.

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by Jasmine Williams