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Getting Noticed on Twitter

5 tips for getting your brand noticed on Twitter:-

People on Twitter share a unique “discovery mindset”, meaning that they’re actively seeking content to share and discuss with their community. It’s critical that your brand has an understanding of what your customers are saying — not only about your business, but the conversation in general. 

Here are some ways you can create a positive buzz on Twitter.

Share positive press coverage

Sharing compelling press about your brand can provide the extra “push” to help you stand out against a sea of voices on Twitter. Keep an eye out positive press on and off Twitter and Tweet about some of these mentions to keep you in control of your brand story. 

Actively seek conversations

Monitoring a mix of both broad and local hashtags will ensure that you’re up-to-date on all applicable conversations and avenues to enter the discussion. It’s also important to know what people are saying about your competition. Hone in on their relevant hashtags and keywords to identify gaps and industry pain points for your brand. For example, Goodlord , an online renting platform we chatted with in a recent Twitter success story, might search for Tweets containing the keywords “UK apartment search” and reply to applicable conversations. 

Be approachable

People come to Twitter to find fresh, exciting content. Companies like Casper have a strong understanding of their Twitter brand voice and aren’t afraid to test new ways to use humor in their Tweets.

Create a Tweet Chat

Tweet Chats are a fun outlet for engaging with both current and prospective customers. To create a Tweet Chat, come up with several relevant and on-brand questions to ask your followers. Create simple graphics to accompany each question to help.

Be strategy-focused and viral-minded

Most brands dream of their Tweets achieving viral status organically, but these trends can be hard to predict, making it infeasible to build your Twitter strategy around these odds. As our Twitter Agency Playbook notes, it’s important to have a clear roadmap while keeping a finger on the pulse on Twitter’s fast-moving trends. 

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by Erin Fishman