Are Facebook Ads Still Relevant?

Do you feel that the number of responses you’re getting for your Facebook ads is decreasing each and every single day? Are you finding it harder to convert people from your Facebook ads into paying customers than you did two years ago? If you think it’s hard now, it is going to keep getting harder and harder.

Now before we dive into the details on how small businesses can still do well in 2020, let’s go over some basic stats.

♦ Facebook has over seven million active advertisers.
♦ Active users 2.4 billion.
♦Facebook has only 342 active users per advertiser.

Not only are more people promoting ads, but it’s getting harder and more expensive to get clicks. So the real question that comes to mind is, hey you’re a small business, how can you still profit from Facebook, even though ads in many cases are getting less clicks and is getting more expensive. In this video SEO and Social Media Expert, Neil Patel breakes down some simple tips for making relevant ads in 2020 that will give you a great ROI

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by Neil Patel