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Businesses across the globe are relying on emerging technology to help drive growth, reduce operation costs and to simplify or eliminate routine admin tasks. From marketing and recruitment to even security, everything has now gone digital.

TecSol Digital helps organizations use technology better so as to accelerate business growth, reduce cost and to improve their operational efficiency.

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Business Softwares and Systems

Adopting modern technologies can not only help businesses in effective time management but can also help improve workplace wellness and security.

If you consider the complexities of a modern-day, multi-location workforce; managing time, cost and productivity of employees can quickly become an overwhelming task for businesses. We can help by implementing easy to use automated attendance management and security systems which allows organizations to accurately track employee time and productivity.

Attendance Systems

Our integrated attendance system provides good visibility of all employee data thus easing the burden of payrolls, leaves, reviews etc. All notifications and alerts are automated allowing you to approve/track requests for early departure, overtime, etc., immediately without any specific need for communication.

Security Systems

Our video security systems are designed to efficiently protect your office assets from outsiders as well as employees. We supply the latest wireless surveillance systems, CCTV cameras, access control security systems equipped with an instant alert feature that will notify you in the event of any intrusion.

Website Maintenance Services

Are you just looking for a regular website content updation/maintenance service? We can help with a one-time or an annual website maintenance plan.

To bring clients into your office, it is crucial to keep your website engaging and interesting. By updating your website’s old content, you can get Google to crawl your site more frequently which gives you an advantage in your search engine results rankings. Companies which post useful and engaging content regularly are able to continually engage more customers leading to more conversions/sales.

Content Updation

Our team of designers, content writers and digital marketers can add relevant content to update and improve your website. As your tech partner, we will design a custom and comprehensive website maintenance plan that can help your business deliver a fast, secure, and seamless online user experience.

Site Maintenance

Whether you’re looking for a monthly, hourly, or an annual website maintenance plan, we have the experience, expertise to manage, monitor, and maintaining your website. With our maintenance plans, you can now eliminate the worry to keep your company’s site secure, up-to-date, and functional for users.

Digital Recruitment Solutions

Online video interviewing, digital assessment, and digital candidate experience strategies were once “nice to have” technologies. Now they’re business-critical.

Recruitment: It’s just like marketing. From Linkedin to Facebook groups, even Twitter and Instagram, businesses need to be active on social media to attract the right candidate. Digital tools make it easier to target specific demographics and locations, ensuring that your job postings are seen by the target audience.

Recruitment Ads

We make digital recruitment easy for you by leveraging technology to the source, attract, assess, select and hire candidates for vacant positions. This includes using job boards, career websites, mobile recruiting, online assessments, and social recruiting advertising. We customize our strategies based on your hiring goals.

Online Trainings

Do you feel your employees can perform better by learning software, creative and business skills? Not only does online training save you a lot of money compared to instructor-led training, but it gives your employees the flexibility to participate in online courses from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

Sales/Lead Management Tools

Lead management systems integrate seamlessly with digital marketing thus improving the overall effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.

Converting a lead into a potential buyer depends on efficient communication and nurturing. Our CRM ensures that every lead generated through digital marketing is automatically fed into the system thus ensuring proper follow-up by your sales team. This enables you to measure the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns thus helping you streamline your campaign budgets accordingly.

Sales CRM Tools

Our CRM helps salespeople optimize their daily meetings and prioritize tasks to ensure that no customers are ignored and the key prospects are contacted on time. With detailed reports on sales activity, productivity, and individual performance, you will always have a complete picture of sales vs target achievement.

Lead Management

Lead management is a systematic process in which incoming leads are qualified, analyzed, and assigned so that they can be converted into new customers. Our comprehensive and advanced lead management system will help your sales reps to convert more leads in less time, and with much less effort.

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TecSol Digital has been handling the social media and SEO for our Elan site for the past two years and we are extremely satisfied by the results they have shown.

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CEO, Elan Designer

We are very happy with the website TecSol has designed for us and will recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable web design company in Kerala.

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Vijesh K

CEO, G-Care Diesels

TecSol Digital has been a very supportive vendor and we have completely outsourced our web design, SEO and social media marketing to their digital team.

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CEO, Kaycee Corporation